Meeting 17 – 27/1/22

Agenda: Welcome and updatesDiscussion and sign off of Revised Agenda for ActionReview of Action PlanPresentation of individual development plan by Mark Discussion and reflections on inspiration Mark’s planPlans for next meeting Notes: Updates: Paul updated on the work of his Board shadowing programme. 100% of participants are women of colour and their participation has helped fertilise … Continue reading Meeting 17 – 27/1/22

Meeting 15 – 5/11/21

Agenda: Sharing updates.Developing an action plan for JFI’s next phase.Agreeing actions.Arrangements for the next meeting. Notes: 1. Updates: Reflection on Board meetings: Can be challenging to get the balance right between paperwork (number of papers, length/level of detail) and ensuring there is space for discussion in board meetings, rather than using up time to summarise … Continue reading Meeting 15 – 5/11/21

Meeting 9 – 9/4/21

Agenda: Welcome.Updates.The CEO’s role in leading systems change:Introductory thoughtsDiscussionNext steps/prioritiesOther resources/ideas.Next meeting.AOB. 1. Welcome: Mark welcomed everyone to the meeting. 2. Updates: Everyone gave a brief update on their work to advance racial justice. 3. The CEO’s role in leading systems change: Mark opened the discussion with some observations: How might we as CEOs be … Continue reading Meeting 9 – 9/4/21