Meeting 15 – 5/11/21

Agenda: Sharing updates.Developing an action plan for JFI’s next phase.Agreeing actions.Arrangements for the next meeting. Notes: 1. Updates: Reflection on Board meetings: Can be challenging to get the balance right between paperwork (number of papers, length/level of detail) and ensuring there is space for discussion in board meetings, rather than using up time to summarise … Continue reading Meeting 15 – 5/11/21

Meeting 9 – 9/4/21

Agenda: Welcome.Updates.The CEO’s role in leading systems change:Introductory thoughtsDiscussionNext steps/prioritiesOther resources/ideas.Next meeting.AOB. 1. Welcome: Mark welcomed everyone to the meeting. 2. Updates: Everyone gave a brief update on their work to advance racial justice. 3. The CEO’s role in leading systems change: Mark opened the discussion with some observations: How might we as CEOs be … Continue reading Meeting 9 – 9/4/21

Meeting 8 – 5/3/21

Agenda: Welcome The CEO’s role in leading changeBreak out #1: CEO & our own organisationBreak out #2: CEO & the system/sector we work in Debrief from break outs:Report backIndividual reflections in plenaryPriorities each/any of us want to take forward Other resources/ideas Next meeting, AOB Welcome Claire and Mark welcomed everyone to the meeting.  The CEO’s … Continue reading Meeting 8 – 5/3/21