Meeting 8 – 5/3/21

Agenda: Welcome The CEO’s role in leading changeBreak out #1: CEO & our own organisationBreak out #2: CEO & the system/sector we work in Debrief from break outs:Report backIndividual reflections in plenaryPriorities each/any of us want to take forward Other resources/ideas Next meeting, AOB Welcome Claire and Mark welcomed everyone to the meeting.  The CEO’s … Continue reading Meeting 8 – 5/3/21

Meeting 4 – 9/10/20

Agenda: Challenges and learning since we last metDiscuss the ‘Acknowledgement of Racism’ element of the ‘Agenda for Action’Membership of the GroupPlans for the next meeting Notes 1)  Challenges and learning since we last met: The key topics we discussed were: The Resonance Framework produced by Justice Funders: developing anti-racist plans or strategies, how far … Continue reading Meeting 4 – 9/10/20