We are a small group of Chief Execs working in charitable foundations in the UK. We have come together in a personal capacity to exchange practical experience, ideas and challenges with regard to our role as leaders in promoting racial justice within our foundations and the foundation sector more broadly.

Members of the group include:

Sally Byng – Chief Executive of the Barnwood Trust

Paul Carbury – Chief Executive of the Smallwood Trust

Nick Crofts – Chief Executive Officer of the Co-op Foundation

James Fitzpatrick – Director of the Joseph Levy Foundation

Stewart Goshawk – Chief Executive Officer of the Wembley Stadium National Trust

Victoria Hill – Chief Officer of Hammersmith United Charities

Joe Howes – Chief Executive of Buttle UK

Celia McKeon – Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

Mark Norbury – Chief Executive of UnLtd

To contact the group please send an email to info@justfoundations.org and one of us will respond to you.