Meeting 3 – 4/9/20


  1. Challenges and learning since we last met
  2. Review the ‘Agenda for Action’ for the group
  3. Membership of Group
  4. Plans for the next meeting


1) Challenges and learning since we last met

The key topics we discussed were:

  • The importance of being able to share with others the work that we are doing (eg NCVO are publishing on their website the journey the organization is on)
  • Engagement of board members on this issue – pushing key points of resonance to engage behavior change. The group also discussed how to frame power and privilege conversations with trustees and build an agenda for action from this.
  • Discussed the Race Equality Audit and the group’s use of the tool. If there are increases in working with BAME-led organisations, what is the target? Learnings from using the tool for each of the group, particularly how to use the tool for organisations that support individuals in crisis. The tool has enabled significant internal reflection.
  • Some in the group will be recruiting new trustees and staff this year and this will be carried out with a diversity lens. Group to share learning and outcomes.

2) Review the ‘Agenda for Action’ for the group – how can it assist us on our work together and our accountability?

Review amended ‘Agenda for Action’ (updated by James).

3) Membership of the group

We are open to including a new individual if they are passionate to join.

There was a discussion about being comfortable with the size of the group in this development phase, but in our daily interactions we can update people about the topics we discuss (Chatham House rules considered) – and refer them to the website and also to group members to follow up if anybody wanted more detailed information/discussion.

4) Plans for the next meeting

The group will discuss further point 2 of our ‘Agenda for Action’: Acknowledgement of Racism.

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